Florida’s Leading Legislative News & Information Service

We provide deep access to Florida’s policy making process. Identify and track bills based on a custom profile of keywords and statutes. Be alerted to legislation that matters to you, your clients or your members as they move through the state’s fast-paced process.

We research, track and report.
You Influence.

Meet your new legislative assistant

  • Powerful legislative tracking tools help you stay in the know

    Identify bills, keywords and statutes of interest and let us take over the entire monitoring process.

  • Quiet the noise with real-time notifications on your bills

    Subscribe to real-time, hourly or daily alerts to keep up to date as developments occur.

  • All-in-one House and Senate calendar means you never miss an important vote

    Our calendar combines committee meetings, floor sessions, fundraisers, social receptions, press conferences, executive hearings, cabinet meetings and more.

  • Get in touch with lawmakers and their staff with our mobile app

    Whether you’re in the office or on the go our database of legislative contacts is constantly updated as staff and offices move.

We're Florida's most trusted policy and news service.

Our team has a century of combined experience in Florida's legislative process.

Who We Serve

  • Lobbyists

    Manage diverse client lists, 100s of bills and simultaneous committee meetings with ease.

  • Corporations

    Identify legislative threats and opportunities that will affect your bottom line.

  • Associations

    Communicate your legislative agenda with stakeholders & members. Engage your network.

  • Law Firms

    Establish and expand your government affairs practice. Track proposed changes to statutes.

  • State & Local Government

    Improve your bill analysis workflow. Coordinate your executive team, legislative affairs and division experts in one system.

  • Press

    Break policy and political news with our powerful research desk’s real-time alerts.

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