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[2 updates] The House filed a lawsuit Friday claiming the Florida Lottery did not have the authority to sign a contract that obligates more money than the Legislature has earmarked for ticket machines in the current budget. Meanwhile, the Lottery announced it reached $1 billion in education contributions in the current fiscal year which still has four months remaining.

Jonathon May, a Fort Lauderdale Democrat, has filed to run for HD 93 in 2018.

A new House plan for the distribution of BP oil spill settlement money would do "exactly opposite" of what legislators proposed when they created a nonprofit to handle the money in 2013.

Lawmakers take up legislation on the death penalty, judicial term limits, block granting Medicaid and economic incentives. Lobbying firms will be randomly selected for compensation audits.

Rep. Jay Trumbull, R-Panama City, and Jerry Wyche will once again face off in the 2018 election cycle. Trumbull is the overwhelming favorite.

Republican Christopher Leon has withdrawn from HD 115, citing personal hardship.

Republican Andrew Vargas, a partner at Rep. Carlos Trujillo's law firm, has filed to run for HD 119 in 2018.

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Feature Spotlight

LobbyTools has released a new "Password Recovery" feature. Now resetting your password is easier than ever.

The Rules

Access various reports and statistics on 2016 House and Senate bills.

The Rules

During Interim Committee Weeks, House and Senate will notice meetings 7 days in advance. Refresh your knowledge of committee meeting notice deadlines so you'll know when to expect the information...

The Rules

The 2015B special session starts next week. Brush up on some of the legislative rules that will govern the procedures during the next few weeks.

The Rules

Florida Senators have filed SBs 14, 16, and 18 -- the first claim bills for the 2016 Session. In accordance with Senate Rule 4.81(2), August 1 is the deadline for filing claim bills.

The Rules

As part of planning and budgeting instructions to agencies, the state released its annual calendar of major events for fiscal year 2015-2016. Legislative Budget Request and Capital Improvements...

The Rules

The 2015-A special session is less than a week away. Brush up on some of the legislative rules that will govern the procedures during the next few weeks.

Feature Spotlight

Bill Comparison is here! Our new bill text comparison tool shows text changes in a single view. Spotting changes between bill versions and amendments is easier than ever.

Especially when the pace picks up with conferences in multiple committees, it is very helpful to have a "monitor" managing my schedule with reports on meeting cancellations, delays, and outcomes. Could not have done it as well without the help of LobbyTools. Thank you.

- LobbyTools Customer
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